in the darkest areas of our story, the light is revealed.  It is in the acceptance of this that we become whole.

You are the storyteller.

Coaching services


Free Coaching Consult 

A free 20-minute coaching consultation where we evaluate your needs.


1:1 Coaching Sessions

All sessions are 60 minutes except for one 90-minute initial assessment.


Transformative Tuesdays

Join our bi-weekly virtual Transformative Tuesdays group. Share your evolving story with other storytellers.

you are the storyteller

Through guided visualization, discussion, and creative expression, we will uncover the unconscious fears holding you back and empower you to be the storyteller of your own life.

How does it work?

The coaching experience

Each coaching session is individualized based on your needs. We will focus on four primary areas in our coaching sessions.


Four Quadrant Review

What is your primary challenge? What is the outcome you desire? What are your current inner/outer resources? What obstacles are in your way?

During each session, these questions will guide our discussions. As you reshape your story, your answers may evolve as sessions continue.


Creative Expression

You will employ your own creativity through color, symbols, pictures, and phrases. Creative materials will be used for this self-expression. This tangible creative piece is yours to keep to reinforce your discoveries.


Guided Visualization


Each session, you will take an inward journey and discover unconscious beliefs and negative patterns of behavior.  You will also discover the tools, unique to you, that will guide you forward and past these obstacles


Reflective Rituals


You will leave each session with at least three new reflective rituals to implement in your daily life.