Are you playing the best supporting actor in your own film? you can be the star performer. 

You are the storyteller.

Liz Loney
M.A. Human Development

Life Coach

I took a roundabout way to become the intuitive and creative genius of my own life.  You might be shocked to read me refer to myself in this way.  Often, it takes a lifetime to speak of oneself in such positive terms right from the “get go”.  Of course, I have areas of my life in which I stumble and sometimes fall.  We all do.  This is why I enjoy being a Life Coach.  I enjoy listening to people encounter their life challenges, look inside at their own creative genius, and guide them toward greater self-discovery and affirmation of their own gifts.  


As I was acquiring my Master’s in Human Development, I grew to greatly admire the work of Carl Jung, Founder of Analytical Psychology and his work with identifying the power of the unconscious in shaping our lives.  When we can begin to make what is left unconscious within ourselves conscious, we can truly begin to direct our own lives.  Otherwise, as Jung would say, “we call it fate”.  I also became Certified in a form of Life Coaching that focused on bringing our unconscious beliefs, values and modes of operation, forward into the light of consciousness, so we can better reframe them and embrace them in the light of present day choices.

I incorporate some creativity into each Coaching session because something new is never accomplished by the intellect, but rather through imagination or intuitive guidance.  And, this creativity is usually born of necessity as we encounter challenges that might otherwise leave our logical mind stumped and stuck in old patterns.

I see myself as a focused listener and a guide. Together, we can explore your own creative genius, wisdom and imagination.  These are your tools which help you clear your negative and outdated beliefs so that you can have greater freedom of choice in addressing your current challenges or obstacles.

I am currently writing a Memoir of a particular seven year cycle in my life called, “Alice Takes A Road Trip”, interlacing my story with quotes from Lewis Carrol’s fictional fairy tale, “Alice in Wonderland”.

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